kravmagaL’Académie Jacques Levinet (AJL) est une structure internationale fédérale regroupant trois pôles d’activité qui sont la Self Défense, avec la World Krav Maga Organization (WKMO), la formation Police avec l’International Police Confederation (IPC) et le pôle Arts Martiaux regroupant différentes disciplines désirant nous rejoindre. L’AJL est représenté un peu partout dans le monde avec près de 50 directions techniques internationales, nationales, régionales et départementales. A la tête de l’AJL, le Capitaine Jacques Levinet et un staff d’experts de Self Défense, de Combats et d’Arts Martiaux. Des stages de Krav Maga SPK, de Police Real Operational System (ROS), de Canne et de Bâton Défense ainsi que d’Arts Martiaux sont programmés partout dans le monde.

Nous reconnaissons tous les styles dans leur indépendance.



The SELF PRO KRAV sterns from the professional experience as a police captain and knowledge of fighting techniques of Soke Jacques Levinet. Among the many methods of self-defense that he’s created. Master Levinet has adapted his police method, the Real Operational System or ROS, with his sound knowledge of self-defense to make it an operational method called SELF PRO KRAV: SELF for Self Defense, PRO for Professionals and KRAV for Combativeness in Hebrew.


The ingenuity demonstrated by Master Jacques Levinet has helped develop the methodology and the material of which is made the CDJL defense stick, now registered and certified. Playful and at once adapted to defense against an aggression in the street, the CDJL defense stick is available to a wide public, whether they play sports or not, regardless of age and physical condition. Thus, the trivial walking stick is transformed into CDJL, an awesome means to defend oneself against any type of physical aggression, thanks to its particular configuration and a methodology which stems from the operational tonfa techniques developed by the captain in strict compliance with the law.


Its originality is in the material configuration and its use in self-defense. The simple stick metamorphosed into BDJL, thanks to its lightness and the flexibility of the cane to block and absorb any type of blow, but also to replicate and spank with the speed the of light. The diameter of the stick body was designed to facilitate manipulation and grips. The configuration was not enough by itself to transform the BDJL into a formidable means of defense. It was still necessary to find an anti-assault way of using it, violent and legal at the same time.


It's therefore a broad topic, if not a challenge, to present and make you feel like learning the Anti Aggression Self-Defense method For Women of Self Pro Krav or SPK. My intention is not that of approaching the subject from a philosophical, psychological or economic point of view, but from the realism of common assault that women can suffer. It is clear, for the sake of truth and without discrimination, that there is a marked difference between the physical attributes of men and women.


Apart from trying to flee whenever possible, the salvation of our children can only occur through a survival reflex that must be developed through a regular training on the basis of a realistic approach, accessible to everyone, regardless of size and force, with simple and efficient gestures. Captain Jacques Levinet, with his professional and martial experience, has created a method adapted to children so they can get out of such situations, a discipline adaptable to the school as well as to the street, in other words, for both the aggression of another child and that of a grown up.


The ROS or Real Operational System is a formidable intervention method created by Captain Jacques Levinet, 10th Dan Black Belt Police Training ROS for general and special police units and some security professionals. Special intervention units, such as ERIS in France, some army units and other defense groups, like the Spetsnaz in Russia or the GAD in Argentina or the BOPE in Brazil, have already undergone special instruction in Police Training ROS with the French expert.


Martial arts background

Soke started very young martial arts. With the practice of karate where he obtained the title of champion of France karate combat. Then the black belt 5th dan FFKDA, the black belt 6th dan FEKAMT. Then the state diploma of karate teacher and associated martial arts. The gold medal of the Ministry of Youth and Sports. As a result, he showed a spirit of openness and research. Because he has progressed after many years of teaching and experiences abroad. To evolve his karate form and his conception of martial art. He was also the precursor of the Handikarate. This in partnership with the French Handisport Federation and the Paralyzed Association of France.

Police Course

From his professional experience as a police captain. From trainer of law enforcement. Always looking for consistency in learning intervention techniques. Then he also made multiple enrichment stays around the world. From various special units. It thus developed, for the use of law enforcement and security professionals, a revolutionary method of training. Namely the ROS or Real Operational System.

Self Defense Course

He has never been content with conventional wisdom and martial arts jutsu. So Soke Jacques Levinet has studied many methods of self defense. He has been training constantly, all over the world. And in many countries, from the most eminent experts and Masters. Then he also set up several dreadful anti-assault methods for the general public. Men, women and children with SELF PRO KRAV or SPK. He has created four other effective self defense disciplines. Female anti-assault, SPK child self defense, Defense Cane and Defense Stick.

His innovations

Its innovations have thus raised the institutional health. Because he has developed two versions of his cane defense. With the modules of the therapeutic defense cane and the senior defense cane. Having designed the learning curriculum for his innovations, he created the Academy Jacques Levinet (AJL). It is structured in International Federation with about fifty representations in the world.

World Recognition

Subsequently named, by his peers around the world, Soke, International Expert, Master, Grand Master and Pioneer of Martial Arts. From now on the Captain is divided between the teaching of his different methods in France. And around the world. Now he continues to support his work with many videos and books. His Academy has many clubs and performances in France and abroad. His knowledge and experience make him a renowned expert. In stress management coaching for both individuals and businesses.

Successively Soke Jacques Levinet, has just been recognized internationally. Founder and highest ranking 10th dan in the Self Pro Krav, Canne Défense (CDJL), Bâton Défense (BDJL) and Real Operational System (Police ROS) disciplines.

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