The World Krav Maga Organization (WKMO) , is mainly reserved for Worldwide Self Defense systems, such as Kravmaga, Self Pro Krav, Kapap and many others. This organization is a link between experts, masters and students to exchange technical and operational practices, cooperation and know-how of experts and organizations around the world. This structure is led by a group of recognized professional instructors, with the founder and world president Captain Jacques Levinet, international expert and founder of the WKMO. The membership of the WKMO, subject to conditions, opens the rights to participation in international  seminars, meetings, recognizations and professional information.

No politics and no religion at the WKMO. Everybody accepted.


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Can you tell us more about this new international structure, known as Kravmaga WKMO ?

Captain Jacques Levinet : WKMO or World Krav Maga Organization, integrated into AJL or Academy Jacques Levinet, is a self-defense structure with an international vocation, set up by Captain Jacques Levinet. Thus it aims to bring together clubs and federations within an entity open to all systems including Krav Maga, Self Pro Krav and all other similar methods or not. Our goal is to share our common experiences in order to progress in the way we train. The English name of WKMO is by no means a coincidence to constitute a common language for all our representatives in the world.

What is the originality of this world organization?

JL: Because many methods are represented, such as Kravmaga, Self Pro Krav, Kappap, Wolf Extreme Defense and other ways of defending all over the world, we are in constant evolution and questioning. So, the goal is to provide concrete answers to the different modes of aggression that differ according to the country and the legislation. However, our common denominator is the respect of the laws from each country, especially with regard to self-defense. We have contacts, via the seminars of the founder of the WKMO, with many experts in the Kravmaga world and other assimilated systems. The key word of the WKMO is the respect for the different systems.

How is the WKMO structured?

JL: We have a system that is both pyramidal and transversal to constantly establish interactions between our members and representatives. After that we have a mesh of about 80 representations in the world, France included. At the international level, in each affiliated country, there is a National Technical Director (NTD) supported by the case of one or more regional directors (RTD). One NTD for the country and one RTD per province or region. When the country is very big, like the USA, Russia, China, and Australia. When it gathers several countries together like South America or Latin America, the Indian Ocean, Europe or Maghreb, it is headed by an international director to coordinate the projects of their respective geographical regions. Thus at the head of the WKMO, in addition to the same AJL WKMO office, an international committee with world directors who support the founder of WKMO, Captain Jacques Levinet.

How do you join WKMO?

JL: By sending a file containing the motivations, diplomas and project of the person or entity concerned. After verifications and opinions of our representatives, geographically concerned, we issue a certificate of affiliation and a sports passport AJL WKMO. We only deliver grades for the Self Pro Krav or SPK discipline, which is the most represented in the WKMO. On the other hand, there is no reason not to recognize the grades and teaching titles issued by other structures. As a result the members or structures concerned remain totally independent. The goal is not to retain only one method but to recognize in their diversity other initiatives or disciplines of self-defense.

What are the actions of WKMO?

JL: Regional and national courses in France as well as seminars and training abroad are provided by the founder of the method of SPK and WKMO, Jacques Levinet. These training given around the world for civilians and law enforcement allow the WKMO to shine on five continents. These experiences not only evolve the preferred method of the SPK but also to accommodate other know-how, all in the common interest of the WKMO. Finally, these trainings take into account the different legislation in criminal matters and the « modus operandi » of assaults. So these national and international sessions also give access to train and acquire an AJL WKMO instructor course. On the other hand the WKMO has a media aura thanks to the numerous reports in France and abroad about its founder and the social networks that regularly link the actions in the globe of the WKMO. Finally, internet support is also provided by the WKMO website and the AJL WKMO online magazine.

What are the recognitions of the WKMO?

JL: WKMO wants to be independent of existing national or international structures, allowing it to progress and evolve at its own pace without being subject to doctrine. Apart from this desire, the structure benefits from the aura of the AJL (Academy Jacques Levinet) which has, in France, a registration at the Ministry of Labor as a training organization and a number of approval of the Ministry of Youth and Sports in France. However the seriousness and aura of the AJL reflects on the WKMO. At last the international level, recognition is provided by the greatest masters and experts of self-defense and police thanks to the many contacts and seminars in the world of Captain Jacques Levinet. Moreover In any case, the recognition of a structure is acquired by the number of people and entities that adhere, and from this point of view we are very dynamic worldwide. In order to give an international dimension, the WKMO also has specific training clothes with references to the colors of the flags of the various affiliated countries.

What are the upcoming projects of WKMO?

JL: Courses and trainings are already scheduled in many countries such as Europe, the United States, Russia, China, the Maghreb and South America. As a result in April 2020, the 3rd AJL International Congress in Brazil, which brings together an impressive number of martial arts, self-defense and police experts, will amplify the aura of AJL WKMO in this country which adheres more and more. Brazil has already set up 500 square meters of AJL premises in the capital Brasilia for the establishment of AJL WKMO in this great country. Twenty representatives are expected to be established in Brazil by the end of 2019 in the four corners of this great country. Other implementation projects are under consideration to promote WKMO via AJL.



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